About Us

The dream of organizing Nepali television programs 11 years ago came to a halt when a young boy of 21 years old faced extreme challenges from couple of bloggers who were illegally recording Television programs on computer and publishing them on different websites.

DECADEAfter several months of study and research the boy came to figure out that all of the episodes were being published without content owner’s permission. In many cases so many producers did not even knew what was going on. The boy had an idea that could potentially stop those bloggers’ posts so he was facing so many obstacles on every step. With strong willpower and dream to get it done, a company was established on July 2007 to start a trend to help content owners to make extra money for the contents and to stop illegal content distributors and bloggers to do so.

Since then the company has grown to a multiple country operation company. We have worked with national broadcasters and the biggest television series producers of Nepal. With more than 4000 episodes of Television contents, Music Videos and Movies, we are proud to say that “Yes, We are the First Digital Content Management Company of Nepal”.

We have worked with reputed organizations like Nepal Television, NTV Plus, Media Hub and many more to build ourselves as a brand. With brand names like Meri Bassai, Bhadragol, Tito Satya, Jire Khursani, Hakka Hakki and much more we are excited to work with AP1 Television and AP News Television Exclusively.

We would like to thank all of our brand partners, content creators, audiences and our staffs for this decade long journey.

Our Mission

We believe that toughest thing to do is to create something new. The process of creating something new requires a lot of time, people, effort, money and knowledge. Our mission is to save and promote those creation.